Studio Sale No.2 : Creative Conditions

Studio Sale No. 2

Creative Conditions


This collection takes its name from a Telfar Clements quote that has stuck with me since I read it nearly a decade ago. He said of his brand Telfar that he wanted for it to be, "...a document of the conditions of creativity."

The realism of this statement struck me at the time, so often we are encouraged to present only our glittering and resolved, almost perfected face to the world. Online and IRL, we are coaxed to show only the best parts of ourselves, as if our highest moments emerge out of the blue, without so much as breaking a sweat.

Here instead, we aim to demonstrate what it really takes (and what it has always taken) to make Black ideas a reality; perseverance, the courage to take a step without always knowing what the outcome will be, and foremost; creativity.

As we prepared for the closure of our Brooklyn studio this fall, I reflected on the volume and breadth of exploration I've been able to do in this space in the nearly three years that we've worked here. I wanted to make one last project, a personal and public insistence that our creativity knows no bounds; that this is truly just the beginning.

So I began making these pieces from the premise that I and the studio had all that was needed to make something stunning, amazing, maybe even groundbreaking. It was an exercise of will and of faith, that like my ancestors found before, where there's a will there's a way. I hope that you will agree, and love the result!

- Jameel

Studio Sale No. 2

Creative Conditions


All pieces are 1/1 and will arrive with a certificate of authenticity signed by Jameel Mohammed.

For any questions or further inquiries please email us at team@khiry.com

Where appropriate, all wear, mending, and idiosyncrasies are unique to the original textile.




Product type

  • 1/1 - Mini Solo Spike Sling Bag
    Sold Out
  • 1/1 - Two Spike Triangular Tote
  • 1/1 - White Belief Knot T-shirt Dress
  • 1/1 – Black Nip T-Shirt
  • 1/1 – Black T-shirt Maxi Skirt
  • 1/1 – Imagined Communities Bolero
  • 1/1 – Jack'd Skirt
  • 1/1 – London to Lagos Dress
  • 1/1 – Maroon Belief Knot Sweater
  • 1/1 – Mini Two Spike Triangle Tote in Denim
  • 1/1 – Navy Pieced Flag Tote
    Sold Out
  • 1/1 – Paradis Des Gouts Dress
  • 1/1 – Red Mini Jug Bag
  • 1/1 – Reversible Halter Tee
  • 1/1 – Schoolboy Vest
  • 1/1 – Spike Network Khaki Pant