Nat Turner Print

lack on red digital print of Nat Turner

Used in F/W 2021 Runway Look 7, "Nat Turner Dress"

Black on red digital print of Nat Turner

Used in F/W 2021 Runway Look 7, "Nat Turner Dress"voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur.


"...What does being queer and Caribbean mean to you? I guess for myself, what does being queer and West African mean to me? I think for myself, coming out is still ... I'm still on that journey. I feel like you're always on that journey...Most of my family doesn't know that I'm queer and that I'm bisexual. I guess in a way, saying this now is like my coming out..

"That's true”.

"Which is a really scary thought because that's not how I woke up today.”.

"Right, but I feel like ... The way that I came out to my family was through a public reveal. I think that it makes so much sense to do it that way just because their whole perception of queerness is tied up in what other people will think, and if you attach your queerness to a project that other people are praising and you're literally being praised for your queerness, I feel like for them, it creates such a cognitive dissonance where they don't know how to deal with it because really, the reason why they would be anti-gay, queerphobic, whatever, is because not not only religion, but they're also afraid of the shame and the status loss that's associated with it. If you're gaining status while losing status, to them, I feel like that just breaks their mind."